Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marc Gasol is always a step ahead of the game

I'm an awful Jazz fan.

I only call myself a Jazz fan because I live in Utah.

If there was a Thunder/Heat game on, or a Clippers/Lakers game on then I'd watch that over a Jazz/Wizards game or a similar game.  I want the Jazz to win.  The more they win, the better.  If they played the Thunder or the Heat or whatever, I'd root for the Jazz to win.

I just don't find them as entertaining as other teams.

I'm not saying I don't like watching them, because I do.  But I don't like watching them as much as I do other teams.  Does this make me a bad fan or am I just normal?

You know what I think would make a team more entertaining to watch?  If players wore shoes on their hands and had to play ball that way.

Oh... wait a second...

Marc Gasol is hopefully starting a new trend in the NBA by batting the ball out of Favor's hands with his shoe.  It looks like a foul was called... but really shouldn't the real call have been a kicked ball violation?

There are a million puns and word play I could make out of this and I might as well get them out of the way early.

  • He put his best foot forward on this play.
  • I got a kick out of watching this.
  • He's a shoe in for the all defensive team.
  • Marc Gasol has no sole
By "a million" I mean "four" but still, puns are fun.

I'm starting to wonder if this has ever been done before this in the history of the league.  Obviously, shoes have come off and plays have picked them up.  But has a player actually used his shoe to try to steal the ball?  Maybe this should become a thing.  The positives out weigh the negatives.


  1. Extra reach when holding a shoe
  2. No risk of jamming fingers
  3. Looks funny
  4. Adds skill to the game
  5. No more broken hands
  6. Really hard to "roll a wrist"
  7. Dribbling would be funner to watch and could be more interesting
  8. Blocking would be easier
  9. Shoe sales would go up

  1. Hands would smell after the game
  2. Looks funny

Looks funny can be positive and negative.  

So, here's to hoping that shoe wielding becomes a popular accessory to use in the NBA. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lakers news is getting ridiculous.

Lakers this.

Lakers that.

That's all I seem to hear about lately when I hear NBA news.  It seems that Lakers news is prioritized above all other teams (except for maybe the Heat or Thunder or Spurs) and I guess I can kind of understand.  I'm a Utah Jazz fan and.. hell.. I find Laker news more interesting than Utah news.  The only Utah news lately has been a debate over which tall guy we're going to get rid of first.

But really, I do think that news about the Lakers is becoming.. too abundant. It seems that some people will take any news about the Lakers rather than none.  I'm half expecting to wake up tomorrow and see


Then the questions will come in.  Why just two Chalupas?  Why didn't he get three?  Is he on some new crazy diet that will improve his free throws?  Why didn't he get three?  Is he becoming lazy?  After all, if I really wanted to improve my basketball abilities I'd get at least four or maybe even five chalupas.  A champions got to eat. And eat well!  Why did he get the chalupas?  The tacos clearly have much more bang for your buck.  Is he becoming wreckless on spending?  Are we about to see the decline of a once great NBA star?  In a year we might see his mansion foreclosed on because he couldn't keep his spending under control.  Why couldn't you have just gotten the tacos, Dwight? Why?  

Wait a minute.  Why don't the sources cite Dwight also getting a drink with chalupas?  Is Dwight already broke?  Surely he could have afforded the extra $1.50 needed to buy himself a drink.  

And that's just a few minutes of rambling about what that title could mean.  I'm sure sports journalists could make much more firm and complete conclusions about that title given enough time.  

But anyways, I'm getting off topic.

The Lakers news needs to stop.  I'd rather hear about how Curry scores 50+ points instead of hearing about a team that is barely making the 8th spot with their multiple future hall of famers.